Healthy Lawn Tips: Use This Information to Keep Your Lawn Looking Great

It takes more than a lawnmower cutting the blades of the grass to maintain a beautiful, sleek appearance that adds value to the neighborhood. You don’t need to have a green thumb to learn the easy step to take to keep your lawn looking its best. If lawn care blaine is important to you, use the information below to ensure that you cut your grass the right way and maintain its sleek appeal and style.

1.    Scalping occurs when the grass is cut too closely to the ground. Be sure that you do not scalp the grass by adjusting the lawn mower blades to proper height. Check the adjustment level before cutting the grass. 

2.    Compost your clippings! Composting is easy and benefits your household and the environment. Plus, it can save a tremendous amount of money.

3.    Don’t mow the grass in the same direction every time because this creates compacted soil. When compact soil issues occur, you may face a variety of problems with the health of the lawn.

4.    Weeds should be removed as soon as they’re spotted and the lawn should be mown on a regular basis. This way the grass will be healthy and lush enhancing the curb appeal of the house.

5.    Hire a lawn care professional to cut the grass. They’ll ensure your lawn looks its absolute best!

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6.    Blades on the mower should always be sharp. They get dull quickly and dull blades tear and rip the blades of grass and ruin its health.

7.    If grass on your property is located in a shady area, leave it slightly higher than the grass that you cut in sunlit areas of the yard.  It needs the added length to retain moisture.

8.    Don’t cut the grass just after it’s rained. The mower blades will not sufficiently cut the grass and it can also cause damage.